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Use Branded Sex Toys for Couple Better Than Your Traditional Sex Life:

Sex Toys for Couple
Sex Toys for Couple in Bangalore

Dear couples, let’s flavor up your traditional sex life with an exclusive collection of sex toys for couple available at our online shop. Couples thriving for the betterment of their sex life can choose to buy couples’ sex toys.

A sappy night with lustful longings, a bed decked on with kinky desires, and two bodies so closer to each other with erotic intentions are as though a theme of a wild fairytale. Use sex toys for couple to bring this frictional ecstasy into your real life. 

Sex Toys in Bangalore” is India’s no.1 largest store for couple sex toys. A ton of customers visit here every day and purchase their favorite sex toys at a reasonable price. We belong to the first preference of customers for the quality of products and our quality service.

Lusty Collection of Couple’s Sex Toys to Reach Your Sex Life to a New Boundary:


We have set our products’ category with a tremendous collection of sex toys for couple. Just like men and women, we have a spacious stock of couples’ sex toys with multiple varieties. Here are the most popular couples’ adult toys that we don’t ought to escape given below:

BDSM Sex Kits, the Bible of Erotic Sex:

BDSM Sex Toys for Couple
BDSM Sex Kits for Couple

BDSM sex can drive you to a different sphere of fantasy. When your sex life ain’t going well, you need to move your track into erotic desires afar the traditional practices. Every letter of ‘B’ ‘D’ ‘S’ ‘M’ has a significant meaning to define this practice. To follow BDSM practice thoroughly, there are many bondage adult toys for couple for every activity. 

BDSM is an abbreviation of Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, and Sadism & Masochism. Bondage & Discipline defines as following the whole sexual activity in a disciplined way by fastening the hands, legs, eyes, and mouth of the partner. ‘Domination & Submission’ is simply making a dominance over your partner: dominating partner will rule over another partner and as a submissive partner he/she has to abide by the rules like a slave. ‘Sadism & Masochism’ is the practice of giving pain and also receiving it though. Some popular BDSM adult products for couple are as follows:

Blind folder: Blind folder is used to fasten the eyes of the submissive partner, so as not to allow him/her to see what you’re going to do later. Having sex without any vision would make you feel more sensitive and fascinating.

Arm-Restraints: These bondage couple sex toys are used to tie up the hands of the submissive partner.

Handcuffs: Handcuffs are used to fasten the ankles of partners.

Ball gags: Ball gags, adult toys for couple are used to bind the mouth to the restraint partner’s voice, but it no longer chokes you up.

Whipper and hunter belt: Whipper and hunter belts, couple sex toys are the tools of  Sado-masochism practice or tools of persecution. The dominating partner can use these tools to whip or spank his/her slave.

Strap-on Dildo, to Bring Earthquake in Your Bed:

Sex Toys for Couple
Strap on Dildo for Couple

A Strap-on dildo is something that also leans you towards erotic sex. Sometimes, strap-on dildo is known as the most demanded sex toys for couple. The reasons are given below.

First of all these adult products for couple can sort out the issue of a small tiny penis. The guys humiliated for their weak penis can enjoy their sex by covering it in a big dick-shaped armor, named strap on dildo. In the case of men, as it boosts their confidence level, on the other hand, women can also be highly satisfied in bed by using this extraordinary gadget.

Strap-on dildos, adult toys for couple also work on bringing new glimpses of thrills. As soon as a guy put it on his own dick, eroticism begins right there. For dominating & Submissive sexual practice, strap-on dildos come right after BDSM. For example, Femdom strap-on dildos are a great instance of erotic femdom sex.

Here are almost two types of Strap-on dildos- Solid Strap-ons for lesbian couples and Hollow strap-on dildos for straight couples.

Other Couple’s Sex Toys:


There are also other sex toys for couple to make you enjoy your conjugal sex swelling up the nasty pleasure. These are as follows:

E-stim: E-stim, also known as Electric sex kits/ Electric stimulating adult toys for couple can lessen the harshness of your body and mind to prepare them to open for accepting shocking pleasure. Whenever your genitals get in touch with a shocking wave, you gotta so on the go to hire a demon inside you. A special energy spell covers you around to do something unexpected, something bad, etc.

Anal Stimulating Toys: Anal sex is something that can turn you on right away. Most couples skip this chapter due to some unnecessary stigmas or taboos. Here, anal-stimulating adult products for couple can drive them too crazy to make run unbridled erotic vibes through your veins. Some popular anal toys are anal dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, prostate massagers, and so on.

Couples’ Sex Toys Open up a New Horizon of Lust:


Before bringing couple sex toys into this discussion, let’s have a look at your own sex life without sex toys. What would it be at all? Normally, your sex life will be as normal as the traditional sex life. There will be no new things to thrill up. No, it doesn’t mean, your sex life isn’t in vain; you can still enjoy your sex life as many people do or have been doing so.

But you may be bored with maintaining the same sexual practice every day. The same sexual routine at daily night: Finding the hole, followed by getting into the dick, and then sleeping- who won’t be exhausted with?  Here, sex toys for couple bring different kinds of new fantasies to compose a happy sex life, as follows:

Roleplay: Roleplay is a sexual practice where couples play different roles to enhance the ambit of sexual incitement. Here such trendy roleplays are ‘Nurse & Patient’, ‘Family erotic affairs’, and ‘Dommaster & Slave’. We have alluring sexy costumes or sexy lingeries that let you more closely get related to the matter.

Foreplay: What is foreplay? Foreplay is nothing but pre-activities of intercourse. What we do before sex such as kissing, sucking, licking, and pleasing genitals falls under the foreplay activities. The main objective of foreplay is to allow the genitals a mini workout before engaging them in the battle. There are so many couple sex toys to more intensely enjoy the pleasure of foreplay.

Sex Games: Sex games can double the excitement of conjugal sex. This includes sex dice, board game, hot wax play, and so on. Among them, the most interesting couple’s sex game is sex dice, sex toy for couple, whose every side is picturized by different sexual activities, that the couples are to perform while tossing it each time.  

Erotic & Kinky Play: Erotic and kinky can drive your sex life to a different track. Dirty talks, master-slave practice, giving & receiving pain- everything includes erotic & kinky play. BDSM, strap on dildo, chastity locks, and electro-shock kits/electro-adult toys for couple are the major tools for erotic fun.



Which couple sex toys/ toy should I use to prevent my premature ejaculation?

Ans: Chastity lock. This is basically used for femdom sex in the purpose of pause-squeeze play. This would be the best head start to fight against premature ejaculation.


Can I use a sex doll in conjugal sex, although it is a solo sex toy for men? 

Ans: Yes, why not? Rather, this is the best way to have threesome fun.


Is there any vibrator for conjugal sex?

Ans: There are so many vibrators sex toys for couple. Among them, smart vibrators, and we-vibes are the best fit for couple.


I’m a bit shy and frightened about anal sex. How should I start this over?

Ans. First, you should begin with a finger. Then, gradually improve your experience followed by anal beads, butt plugs, anal dildos, and so on. Besides, you may use a kegal ball to thicken your anus to enhance your experience a bit more.


How can I boost my sex drive instantaneously?

When your requirement is instantaneously increasing your sex drive, it’s better to recommend you some sexual potency booster herbal adult products for couple such as Goldfly, Viagra, etc. Make sure that Goldfly is especially recommended for women to get an instant result.



*** Do not use couple sex toys with your partner without his/her consent.

*** Safety play should be your top priority while playing with a couple’s sex toy.

*** Keep them away from your children.

*** If you’re a beginner, don’t forget to use lubricants, better than your spit.

*** If you’re below 18, refrain from ordering sex toys. Harshly restrain your libido until you get mature (18+).

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