We at sex toys in Bangalore have such terms and condition. Before placing the order you have to abide by some terms and conditions. If someone is not agreed with our terms and condition, he/she is requested to leave from our website.

Age restriction:

Age restriction is an important thing for purchasing this type of products from our online store. For purchasing products you must have a legal age 18+, otherwise you will not be able to buy the products from us.


The images of the products and contents what you see in our website are not copied or downloaded. These are as real as in reality. Besides our contents is unique comparing the other related website. Our website is linked with other websites, and it promotes the other websites. Customers can easily join their websites through our website. But we at sex toys in Bangalore will not take any responsibility if any error happens.

Government rules and regulations:

We at sex toys in Bangalore have set up our business, abiding by government rules and regulations. India Government does not allow selling these types of products in the open market.  But there is no obligatory in case of selling these products online. As sex toys in Bangalore is an online store, customers are safe and secure in our legitimate website.

If customers are agreed with our terms and condition they are always welcome to shop with us.